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  1. All packed up and ready to leave now.  Mixed feelings as it is sad to go but also looking forward to getting back to Old Blighty.
    The team to part in the closing ceremony last night - what a fabulous experience to parade round, proudly waving flags and showing medals to a packed stadium!  Moist eyes!!!
    It has been a wonderful experience that both Emma and I have really enjoyed - even the trip to Lexington Health Centre.  Had some positive news about the mystery lameness of Ed's as the team vet took him to be ultrasound scanned and there is a "foreign body" in the old wound - that accounts for the soreness and infection.  So another trip to the dentist for Emma and the vet for Ed once our feet are back in English soil.  We are setting off at 10.45 am  USA time from the hotel and arrive in Heathrow 7.35 am UK time tomorrow.  Think we will be very sleepy. Ed returns to the UK on Tues tea-time and we will pick him up Wed am - I am sure that he will love some grass and turnout!!!!
    Thanks for all your words of support over the last 14 days - it has really meant a lot to both Emma and me, so see y'all soon! Karen x
  2. Team GBJust to prove that Emma alive and kicking - this shot was taken last night after Emma won her gold - all of Para Team GB checking that Emma safe to move!!!
    There is a medal ceremony tomorrow followed by photos with sponsors, Landrover, then lunch with sponsors, Alltech. Such a shame it's all coming to an end but will be glad to return to normality! Karen x