What equipment will I need?
Is there a weight limit for the horses?
Do you take children?
Can I hire a horse and ride out on my own?

What equipment will I need?  For your first lesson you will need loose fitting trousers or leggings.  Tight denim jeans are not very comfortable to ride in.  Wear a top that is suitable for the weather conditions - make sure that you can fasten any jacket that you are wearing and having sleeves helps to protect from the sun.  You must wear a riding hat that conforms to PAS 015 standard and has a British kite mark.  Hats to this standard are available for hire at the riding centre.  You will need a sturdy pair of shoes/boots that  have a small heel - trainers are not suitable.  As you progress and start more trot work, a pair of jodphurs and half chaps help to stop your legs getting rubbed.


  Is there a weight limit for the horses?  Each horse has a weight limit that alters as the horse gets older or less fit.  Although riding a horse that is not up to your weight may not cause it an injury at the time, repeated use will cause back and leg problems.  All riders complete an enrolment form on their first lesson and are asked their height and weight.  At the moment the upper weight limit at the Paddocks Riding Centre is 12.5 stone (79 kg)

 Do you take children?   At the moment we are only taking adult riders - aged from 16 years upwards.  We have limited availability for returners to riding.  We have no availability for beginners.  To find out more contact us via email or text

Can I hire a horse and ride out on my own?  Due to insurance requirements, all riders have to be accompanied by an escort.